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The joys of clinic, . . .

December 18th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last night was my first trip to the local Equal Opportunity Clinic, aka student run clinic.  The clinic went well, not too many pain seekers, and I must commend the students; they were second years who triage patients much better than many of the third years I have seen on the wards.  Someone told the attending erroneously that we were done with patients, so almost everyone in clinic went home.

So when I finished up on my last patient, there was only 2 students and myself left in the clinic.  I asked the students to give the patient his scripts and I left.  Naturally, the front door is quite literally chained shut with a novelty sized padlock, there is no security, and the parking lot is not lit.  I head to the side door and walk around to the dark parking lot.  There are only two cars left, my car and a truck that is parked, so that the cab door is next to the only entrance to the ramp to the clinic.  I’m not sure what caught my attention, but I stopped and watched the truck and noticed someone was moving around in the truck.  I got a very bad feeling and jumped over the railing of the walkway and ran towards my car.  At the same time, the door to the truck opened a large/thin man got out, never said a word, and started running towards me.  I got to my car, started the ignition, backed up (almost hitting him), and peeled out.  He continued to run after me for several hundred feet.  I called 911, but it sounded like he was long gone.  I just hope the students made it out safely.

I cannot imagine if I had not taken notice and continued down the ramp.  The path  has a railing on either side and ended next to his cab door.  All he would have had to do is wait until I walked to the end, open the door, pull a gun, and would have been completely trapped.

The thing that really pisses me off is, this is a free clinic.  Sure it is slow, the wait sucks, and we don’t prescribe narcotics, but we give out good care, we give out tons of free medications, we see everyone who comes in our door, and at least we are trying.  Everyone is a volunteer and could easily stop doing the clinic.  I did not see him in clinic, but that does not mean he was not seen by someone else.  I mean what type of piss poor protoplasm camps outside of a free clinic and waits to jump a doctor.  I mean really? Fuck you.

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