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How to send txt messages via email

June 8th, 2009 No comments

Okay, one more off topic topic post today.

Occasionally, I want to send a txt message to a friend’s cell phone, and this is easily accomplished via email.

1) You need to know the cell provider
2) Send an email to the 10 digit number @ the provider’s domain (

The catch is knowing all the domains.  I am tired of looking this up every time, so I am recording the common ones here:

Verizon –>
ATT –>
Sprint –>
T Mobile –>
Alltel –>
Nextel –>
Virgin –>
Boost Mobile –>

If you would to add/correct any of these please feel free to post them below

How to Mod an XM Inno

June 8th, 2009 No comments

Normally, I would not look into something like this, but the FCC rules that govern FM modulation are beyond inane and dictated by private interest groups.

So if own an XM Inno there is a great firmware mod that allows you to use the FM modulator in your home cradle.

0) to avoid bricking your Inno you need to update the firmware to v2.11 (currently it is the latest firmware)

1) Download: firmware
2) Plug your Inno into it’s home cradle with the AC on
3) Connect the the USB cable to your computer
4) Place the file into your Inno’s root directory
5) Safely remove hardware
6) Disconnect the USB (leaving the Inno in the home cradle)
7) It will scan/reboot/done

-It will now have a Samsung logo and FM modulate in the home cradle
– You will need to turn on FM modulation every time it restarts.

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Moving, . . . always a wonderful experience.

May 12th, 2009 No comments

I just finished moving from NOLA to Florida.   It was a mostly smooth move, but with a few very large hiccups along the way.

After match, I began looking into U-Hauls and moving companies.  I was surprised to see a one-way U-Hail being very comparable to professional movers.  And I thought to myself (albeit very misguided), why move yourself when someone can take the hassle out of it?  So, I get a few quotes and decide to go with United Van Lines, since they seemed reputable and quoted a reasonable price.

Well that is when everything began to go wrong.  After not hearing anything from United for a couple weeks, I gave them a call to ask a few questions, such as confirming the reservation and when they typically come out.  When I spoke with the receptionist, they could not find my reservation or confirmation #.  They told me the person who normally looks into these things was out to lunch.  After living in New Orleans for 10 years, I expect these things.  So I wait 4-5 hours, and after no follow-up I call back and straighten things out.  I also found some of my paperwork was missing from my packet and had to have it emailed to me.

Six days before my move, I call again to confirm.  I find out that a truck has not yet been confirmed for my move, but they told me they would have one by Monday and they would call me then.  So, I wait till Monday.

By Monday afternoon (T minus 3 days till move), I had not received a call, so once again I call to the office.  And find out things appear to be finally on track.

Wednesday morning, I decided to sleep in before the move scheduled the next day, only to be rudely awakened by several people wearing United shirts.  I was quite confused, knowing the day was Wednesday and I was moving on Thursday.  When I informed the movers this, they asked me what day of the week it was, the date, if I was sure, and if they could just move then.  At this point, I was a bit more awake and was delighted to see track marks decorating both the arms of two of the so-called ‘movers.’  At this point, I turned them away and waited a couple minutes so the van crew could phone in and I called the United office.  They had no idea what transpired and could no explain what transpired.  At this point, I was left with very little recourse, I fired them.

At this point, I booked a U-Haul with a trailer for my car (several hundred dollars cheaper than the estimate a few weeks ago!).  I then scrambled and called/emailed everyone I knew in town and was very lucky to receive help moving by a few great friends.  With a fully packed 17′ U-Haul and the company of my best friend, I hit the road to Florida.

Everything was going swimmingly till mile marker 168 in Florida, when the rear wheel of my trailer blew out.  No damage was done, but I was even luckier to have a friend making the trip with me to preserve my sanity while waiting 90 minutes for the repairman to come to replace 2 wheels (another wheel was about 1 mile from blowing out)

So other than absolute incompetence, drugged out movers coming a day early, and losing a tire at 70 mph the move went fantastically!

Delta sucks

April 16th, 2009 1 comment

Recently I made the huge mistake of flying Delta.  Usually I do not have a preference in carrier, as they as treat you the same,.. like dirt.   So when I go to the airport, I have pretty low expectations and sally have no complaints

However my latest experience was pretty pitiful.  On the first leg of my trip, my flight was delayed >3hrs.  This made me mad, but wasn’t such a big deal since they posted it earlier.  What made it ridiculous was that the plane had no problems, it sat in NOLA all night.  The flight was three hours late because delta could not find a flight crew (pilot was there, the flight attendants were not)!  How do you schedule a flight for months and not have a flight crew?  Maybe a preceding flight was delayed and they could not make it, but in this case how do you not have 2 people in a major city that can toss some peanuts?  I tried to get on earlier flights, but I guess others beat me to it,.. anyways I got to my destination 3 hrs late.

But this is nothing compared to the way back.  When I tried to check into the returning leg, the online check in gave me a seat voucher.  I found this disturbing since I bought a guaranteed ticket, so I called the Delta customer service.  And the outsourced Haitian or Puerto Rican explains that there is 1 seat left on the plane and she will reserve it for me.  No problem.  However, when I get to the airport the next day to check in, I no longer have the seat that was promised to me and I was assigned another voucher.  I go up to the desk and ask what the seat voucher means, and they tell me it is standby!  I politely inquired how I could have a standby ticket for a full priced guaranteed ticket?  They didn’t know.  I ask what happened to seat 22B, which I was assigned over the phone?  They didn’t know and someone else was assigned to it now!  So, I ask how many people have voucher and will we all get seats, and I was told no the plan was overbooked.  I proceed to ask how I can get a guaranteed ticket?  And I am told the only way to ensure a ticket is pay $50 to get on an earlier/later flight.  Needless to say I was flabbergasted that I was screwed out of my seat and now I am being told I have to pay more to get a seat.

Needing to get back to NOLA and being stuck with a lottery or being extorted to get a seat, I relented and paid the $50.  I am getting what little justice I can by bitching about it here and to report the incident to the BBB

*sigh*  Don’t fly Delta

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A great tip for FireFox

April 15th, 2009 No comments

This post is more for me, so I wont have to look it up everytime:

I live firefox, but it fails to speall check so many fields
So to always enable spellcheck
Type: about:config into the browser
Find ‘layout.spellcheckDefault’
Change the layout.spellcheckDefault to 2

Now everything is checked

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