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Food in Atlanta

As a foodie, I have been planning on starting a restaurant  guide to New Orleans, but I can never find the time to do some.  However, I do have the time to make some quick comments on my recent culinary experiences in Atlanta.

Bluepointe:  is an Asian-fusion business-causal dinning restaurant that is locally owned restaurant group and overseen Chef Doug Turbush.
The Food: There were definitely highs and lows.  The restaurant boasts a combination of American and Asian flavor.  I would say it is American proteins served with  Asian flavor.  For me fusion requires innovation, but simply using Gulf Fish, adding some  foam, or adding a jalapeño to a traditional Asian flavor profile is not culinary fusion…. perhaps some would disagree. 
The highs:
The Tuna Tartar was the highlight of the entire meal.  The flavors of the Thai Chili were simply transcendent, in every bite new flavors were demonstrated, the taste permeated the tuna without overpowering the taste of the tuna, and very importantly there was a fair amount of tuna.  The only drawback to the dish was there was barely a teaspoon of lemon foam and about a dozen eggs of caviar; it does not serve as an affective garnish and would be better with it.  The Beef Short Ribs were braised very nicely and served in a nice miso reduction with just a small hint of jalapeño.  The wait staff should also be acknowledged for being knowledgeable and attentive.
The Lows: Citrus Steamed Sole on the restaurant’s first attempt I received a very nicely arranged plate with 2 large fillets, but one of the fillets was raw (I do not mean undercooked, simply raw).  I sent it back and received a second plate that had two small that were broken and piled on top of overcooked bok choi.  Zero points to the chef for presentation, style, or grace.  The first had an overwhelming (but not unpleasant) citrus taste.  The waiter did tell me before I ordered that they has a powerful taste, but the flavor fish were completely overpowered and was unsatisfying.  I was also disappointing with the Blueplate.  The Blueplate is a tasting appetizer containing: Gyoza, Lemongrass Shrimp, Peektoe Crab Springrolls, and Calamari.  The gyoza was simply fantastic, I only wish my gyoza were on par.  The other three dished were at best bland.  The Lemongrass Shrimp were all slightly overcooked and did not have a memorable flavor, however, they did pair very well with the Thai Chili from the Tuna Tartar.  The Springrolls were standard-fare, and the Calamari was simply bland and was the only item we did not want to finish.
Ambiance:  The resturant is very conveniently located near the mall on a busy intersection, however maintains a quiet and tranquil ambiance.  Bluepointe adeptly utilizes an open dinning room to create a comfortable dining experience.  I am not a fan of the tacky-cliche Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling, they seems better fit in a TGI-Fridays than an upscale resturant.
Cost:  Appetizers averaged $8 and entrees $24 for average sized portions.
Overall: Like many business causal restaurant, if you play it safe and stick with what you already know is good, you will likely get a good meal for a fair price.  However, it is clear this is not a michelin rated restaurant and they need better quality control in the food they send out of the restaurant.  I have no plans on going back anytime soon.

Planet Bombay:  is an Indian Restaurant on Moorland near Freedom Park.  They claim to be an authentic Indian restaurant, but the food reflects Americanized Indian food.  In every city I go to, I sample the Indian cuisine and Atlanta has above average restaurants.
The Food: They offer a very wide array of curries and other Indian fares.  The food is always well prepared and the portions are average.  The restaurant has recently increased the amount of protein served in it’s dished, and now offers a satisfying amount.  It is not fine dinning, but it is delicious when your in the mood for Indian.  I have tried various vindaloos, masalas, curries, and biryanis and can say that they are all good, but far from great.  In general, the appetizers are fair at best and is the aspect of the menu in most need of re-thinking.
Ambiance:  Planet Bombay offers a nice atmosphere than most Indian places, however it’s open dinning room, hardwood floors and tables result in a very noisy experience.
Cost:  Appetizers averaged $8 and entrees $13 for average sized portions.
Overall: Slightly expensive, but overall a pleasant dinning experience.  Since I love Indian food, it is very likely I will be back.