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Predictions for 7/29

Doing okay over last few days, see below for predictions.

7/28 MMI, SI, ACOM
8/10 CSCO

– Initial loss after earnings, but has fought back
– On a bearish trend
– Earnings surpasses expectations
– ATR 1.5, so range from 26 to 20
– I would bet on calls, $25 strike, RR would be 3:1,
– Add to hit list

– No after-market trading?
– Earnings look good, but did they live up to market expectations?
– ATR 2, so expect going to 132 or 124. This ATR has unacceptable RR
– ATR yesterday was 5.7. At 2 ATR RR is 6:1
– ATR ave over 2 weeks is 2.9
– So assume stock will moves 6 and set target as 135. RR is 2:1
– Will place on hit list but unlikely to trade,

– Linked at hip to JNPR
– Good chance of CSCO earnings being short of predicted.

– s/p earnings
– On a bullish trend, worth watching

– Is going down to 26
– Puts are very cheap with RR of 3:1 to 4:1 depending on option
– Foot Soldier?

– I bought way too early
– Even with solid earnings I am losing money
– Sold 2 options, 1 remaining, hoping for continued bullish trend

– I made the right decision selling when I did to break even, but wow if I kept those options it would have paid off big time.

– Great earnings, but predictions were off by 1 ATR
– My weekly option melting leaving only a loss
– Add to watch list

– Follow carefully for puts. Highs are continuing to not be met
– Good bet would be a long term puts, but I am not ready to commit

– Bullish trend, fast growth
– Rapidly expanding market
– Cons – poor volume, no dividends
– Will think about buying shares
– right now very tech heavy trading, oil is probably a field to diversify into

Hit list: SI, MMI
Research list: AMRN, TEA, EXPE
Watch list: GOOG, Ebay, VMW, VZ, AAPL, AMZN