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Stock Predictions for 7/15/11

Recently I have tried making some money in the stock market.  I find it enjoyable and I initially had good success, but I got a bit ambitions, lost some, and learned alot.  I am going to post some of my thoughts and predictions, mainly for my own gratification.  If you take any of my advise, you deserve to lose money if your not doing your own research.

These are my initial stock predictions.  Yes, I am posting them after the fact.  But I am posting them to keep me honest, so I can look back and see what I thought, and I will post future predictions prior to market opening.

– Will test support until earning releases on 7/25
– If wild bet consider puts, if not meeting exceptions will likely have a long fall
– Good bet on puts, consider selling on 7/24 or wild bet beyond

– Will continue to go up in the long run, but
– I would not buy tomorrow b/c I expect to start ~600, maybe spike in AM and then have a slow downtrend
– Watch carefully for options both long and short

– The real jewel for tomorrow
– Downtread on graph
– Stock at lower end of Bollinger bands, currently at support, resistance is about 77
– Their earnings report is next Wednesday, and by all indications it should be great or at least meeting exceptions
– Buy calls for Aug/Sept, target 70

– Bullish trend with a resistance of 206
– I expect to break resistance in the next few days
– Earnings conference 7/26, expect good things
– Buy long term calls

– Downward treat, testing support of 32, which it broke today 31.92
– If earning report Jul 20, 2011 does not surpass exceptions very likely to return to June 2011 level (~28)
– Until earning report expect support to be tested daily.
– Moderate risk in buying medium/long puts.

– Bullish trend that is leveling out, at lower end of bollinger
– Earnings due Jul 21, 2011
– Advise watching,

– Another stock with a bullish treat that is leveling out and testing support. Support have been around 100.0 and today went to 99.52
– It It is at lower end of Bollinger Bands
– Earing meeting 7/19
– Consider short term calls

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