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Stock predictions for 7/19

My predictions of 7/15 did well, I missed most the opportunities because well as a medical resident the stock market is something one never has time to do.

– Predictions on 7/15 are going well. Stock is trending down await earnings report
– If wild bet consider puts, if not meeting exceptions will likely have a long fall
– Good bet on short term puts, consider selling on 7/24 or wild bet beyond
– My gut tells me earnings will be as predicted or better, otherwise they would not have release new pricing scheme before earnings. In tech circles, NFLX is know to be doing very well.

– Continues to trend up
– 600 is new resistance, which was broken briefly today without a significant response in volume
– My prediction is goog will continue to slowly trend up.
– The stability breaking 600, albeit short, seem to support that the intrinsic value of Google can support more
– Consider medium calls with the understanding of big risk

– The real jewel for the earnings report
– All the indicators support a big boom is earnings are on track.
– Their earnings report is 7/27
– Buy calls for Aug/Sept, strike 75
– I missed strike of 70,….

– As predicted broke resistance of 206, but quickly fell
– Now until earnings expect to fluctuate between resistance and support
– Earnings conference 7/26, expect good things
– Buy long term calls

– Predictions unchanged
– Downward treat, testing support of 32, which it broke today 31.92
– If earning report Jul 20, 2011 does not surpass exceptions very likely to return to June 2011 level (~28)
– Until earning report expect support to be tested daily.
– Moderate risk in buying medium/long puts.

– Bullish trend continued to leveling out
– Earnings due Jul 21, 2011
– Advise watching,

– Continues to hover around support
– It It is at lower end of Bollinger Bands
– Earning meeting 7/19
– Still a great deal, consider short term calls

– This stock Looks ready to explode, but much like all the others it is waiting on earnings
– Compare the trends from today to 6/27/11
– Definitely one to consider short term calls

– Went up 4 points on earning
– This will likely be the new resistance
– I think it will fall to support over next day or 2.
– I would bet on puts, but with caution.
– With only a 4 point move, may not be worth much.

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