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Delta sucks

April 16th, 2009 1 comment

Recently I made the huge mistake of flying Delta.  Usually I do not have a preference in carrier, as they as treat you the same,.. like dirt.   So when I go to the airport, I have pretty low expectations and sally have no complaints

However my latest experience was pretty pitiful.  On the first leg of my trip, my flight was delayed >3hrs.  This made me mad, but wasn’t such a big deal since they posted it earlier.  What made it ridiculous was that the plane had no problems, it sat in NOLA all night.  The flight was three hours late because delta could not find a flight crew (pilot was there, the flight attendants were not)!  How do you schedule a flight for months and not have a flight crew?  Maybe a preceding flight was delayed and they could not make it, but in this case how do you not have 2 people in a major city that can toss some peanuts?  I tried to get on earlier flights, but I guess others beat me to it,.. anyways I got to my destination 3 hrs late.

But this is nothing compared to the way back.  When I tried to check into the returning leg, the online check in gave me a seat voucher.  I found this disturbing since I bought a guaranteed ticket, so I called the Delta customer service.  And the outsourced Haitian or Puerto Rican explains that there is 1 seat left on the plane and she will reserve it for me.  No problem.  However, when I get to the airport the next day to check in, I no longer have the seat that was promised to me and I was assigned another voucher.  I go up to the desk and ask what the seat voucher means, and they tell me it is standby!  I politely inquired how I could have a standby ticket for a full priced guaranteed ticket?  They didn’t know.  I ask what happened to seat 22B, which I was assigned over the phone?  They didn’t know and someone else was assigned to it now!  So, I ask how many people have voucher and will we all get seats, and I was told no the plan was overbooked.  I proceed to ask how I can get a guaranteed ticket?  And I am told the only way to ensure a ticket is pay $50 to get on an earlier/later flight.  Needless to say I was flabbergasted that I was screwed out of my seat and now I am being told I have to pay more to get a seat.

Needing to get back to NOLA and being stuck with a lottery or being extorted to get a seat, I relented and paid the $50.  I am getting what little justice I can by bitching about it here and to report the incident to the BBB

*sigh*  Don’t fly Delta

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About Me

April 15th, 2009 No comments

This is all the bibliographical information your going to get about me, so don’t bother asking for more  😉

I am starting this WordPress blog because I have had several lesser incarnates that I have never had time to fully implement, such as phpnuke, dragonfly, joomla with all the calendars, games, and other bells and whistles.  Those CMSs failed because the projects were over ambitious and required tons of PHP.  WordPress is just simple and I believe that by simplifying the project there is a greater chance of success (aka me posting stuff).  And I would like to have a blog because I think it can be therapeutic to rant.

So a little about me: For some reason, which defies all common sense, I have always want to be a doctor.  From elementary school, it is all I want to do.  Through alot of hardwork and BS, I made it to medical school.  I was very excited have the opportunity to follow in my Grandfather’s and father’s footsteps.  . . Then Katrina came and really fucked up New Orleans.  Well I will rant about that in another post, however I take alot of pride in saying I am a graduate of Tulane Medical School.

I am beginning this ‘blog’ in the months before I am about to start my internship in internal medicine in Florida.  My program was my first choice for prelim and ophthalmology, and I feel very lucky to have gotten into a program of this caliber.

Random stuff: I love cooking, reading, playing guitar, tennis, and sitting on the beach 😉

If for whatever reason you would like to get in contact with me, my email is DHO AT DHOmd DOT com

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A great tip for FireFox

April 15th, 2009 No comments

This post is more for me, so I wont have to look it up everytime:

I live firefox, but it fails to speall check so many fields
So to always enable spellcheck
Type: about:config into the browser
Find ‘layout.spellcheckDefault’
Change the layout.spellcheckDefault to 2

Now everything is checked

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Rough Start

April 15th, 2009 No comments

Well, I thought I was getting a good start on things, till the cable TV/internet went out Sunday till Wednesday.

Once I get semi-caught up on my work, I will hopefully have some time to invest here,

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Banners/Artwork needed

April 12th, 2009 No comments

I have never been good at creating banner/artwork, so I would be grateful if anyone wants to help me out and create a banner for me.  I’ll give you some beer or wine as a thank you 😉

Email: dho AT dhomd DOT com

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Hello world!

April 12th, 2009 2 comments

Welcome to my WordPress blog.  It will be a slow start, but check back for updates


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