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Restaurant Review: Commander’s Palace – Destin, Fl

Commander’s Palace: is a chain of fine dinning restaurants originating in New Orleans that offers modern spins on classic southern creole cooking.  I have been to New Orleans and Destin Commander’s franchises many times.  I keep returning because the service is impeccable, the food wonderful, and the menu different.

The Food: Commander’s offers local proteins and produce presented in classic southern and modern creole dishes.  In Destin, the menu has classics from New Orleans, such as turtle soup and crawfish, but the focus is on local seafood.

The highs: All of the food was impeccable prepared and the service was tremendous.  For my first course, I had turtle soup.  If you have never had turtle soup at Commander’s it is something you must try; it is prepared with a dark roux and the stock is reduced until it is almost a stew.   For my second course I had, the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Black Truffle Gnocchi appetizer.  This was easily one of the best courses I have eaten in years; it had a wonderful earthy taste, but each bite revealed new flavors and compexity.  For the main courses we had whole flash fried flounder and the Angus steak.  The who fried flounder, was tender/flaky and the presentation was stunning.  The steak’s temperature was perfect temperature and the accompanying truffle butter and sauce forestiere, elevated this meal from a simple steak house meal to fine dining.  

The Lows: I could have used more bread…

Ambiance:  A tranquil modern dining room over looking the Destin pass and Destin Bridge.   While dining, there was an airshow and fireworks over Destin Pass making for a very memorable meal.   It is an ideal setting for business and pleasure.

Cost:  Appetizers averaged $8 and entrees $28-32 for above-average sized portions.

Overall: An outstanding dining experience.  I have been to Commander’s many times and this was easily one of the best meals I have eaten at Commander’s or anywhere else.  It is easy to see Commander’s is an institution in New Orleans and soon to be in Destin.