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RCA D52W20 Hidden Menu and Overscan

This post is more for me, so in the future I can follow these steps again to fix my TV.

It seems the RCA D52W20 has a poor track record when using the DVI port for HD programing; there is sometimes a vertical or horizontal shift.  In my case, there was a significant left shift from my SagveTV box.  That I was able to correct with SageTV’s overscan, but that only worked in the program.  I was so sure it was the computer’s fault, I never thought it might be the TV’s.  Yesterday for some random reason, I realized it’s much more likely to tbe the TV’s problem and an engineer would like hide a menu for overscan to prevent people from messing with it.  So after googling, I was able find access to the hidden menus and fix.

RCA D52W20 and hidden menus
– With TV off pressed volume – and channel –
– – After about 10 seconds you will enter service mode
– I recommend first calibrating the overlay
– – This will not fix the overscan, but there is a known big that after changing geometery values that auto-overlay may stop working
– Go to geometery and adjust the properties with ‘v-‘ and ‘h-‘
– – It is a good idea to write down the default first
– – It maybe be useful to adjust the overlay as you change the position, I found the portion of the screen that had been previously off screen suffered from a large overlay deficit.
– Hit “Store” before pressing “return” and your done