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“ROM” Sunburst – Gbox Midnight

This “ROM” is for the Gbox Midnight and the Slav.  I use ROM loosely since it is not based on source (as these is no device or kernel source release).

This release is to address some bugs in the firmware and to give the Midnight some much needed love

– Fix SD card mounting – credit rrattani
– Init.s support
– Prop tweaks
– Vanir/Commotio Butter
– Crond
– Debloat
– Default is dirty install (stock forces clean updates)
– Preliminary busybox + bash + a ton more xbin scripts
– Keep CWM (may require a clean install to wipe away all old hooks)
– Flash Gapps if you want
– Fully tested and compatible with XMBC Frodo + Navi-X

Working on
1) Super user – kernel is rate limiting factor. No source != kernel
2) Possible deoxed

Known Quarks
1) Sometimes the screen size defaults to small. Go to settings –> display –> adjust. Fixes to prior size instantly Fixed B3
2) Stock recover regenerations – May need a clean install to get rid of images.  Just reflash PRN, or see CWM thread for fixes


Tips for Install
1) Get ClockWorkMod Here
2) Reach recovery turning device off.  By placing a toothpick in the A/V port and pushing the hidden button.  Then turning on.
3) Flash in ClockWorkMod.

B1 5/6/13
– Made it
– Based upon UWS12122012pusa_20130423ext

B2 5/6/13
– Rebased to UWS12122012pusa_20130506ext

B3 5/27/13
– Firmware 2.1/2.2 uses UWS12122012pusa_20130506ext
– Firmware 2.0 uses UWS12122012pusa_20130322int
– Fixed busybox – credit rrattani
– Minor performance tweaks
– Numerous bugs addressed, thanks for the user feedback