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[GAPPs]{4.2.X}{4.3}{4.4} – Google App Package

My collection of GAPPs that I use in my ROMs. I prefer all inclusive ROMs, so I bundle my preferred apps with my ROMs. But I get asked for a separate package to flash on another ROM (such as Vanir ) frequently enough to finally break down publish a package.

This collection is derived from multiple sources (Mainly from Google Play. Also:, user releases, developer’s websites)

Works with:
Should work with any 4.2-4.4. ROM. Confirmed on dozens of devices

What was added + why: (3rd party apps either open source or developer encourages bundling with custom ROMs)
Apex Launch – Because it’s cool (Temp Discontinued for 4.4)
DashClock Widget – Because it’s cool (Temp Discontinued for 4.4)
Gmail – WTFBBQ?!? Some Gapps do not include this?
Google Voice – Every phone needs an answering service
Titanium Backup – For easier crack flashing
Terminal – Older version that supports logging
Amazon Appstore – Moar Options > fewer options

What has been removed + why:
Google Music, Google Ears, more
Anything available in play store that does not have immediate user benefit

Additional Add-ons:
Photosphere Gallery – Because it’s cool
4.3 Gallery – Because it’s +0.1 cooler
Face Detection – Get here
Wallet – Get here

Download: ____________________ NuclearMistake’s Server

B1 – 2/18/13
– First release

B2 – 3/5/13
– Updated Google Now, Titanium, Apex Launcher
– Added DashClock Widgets
– Changed Meta binaries to hopefully resolved any cross-platform flashing issues

B3 – 3/5/13
– Revert Google Now, bug in voice search

B4 – 3/18/13
– Updated numerous apps, including Gmail, Dashboard Widgets, Titanium, Apex,…
– Updated to 4.2.2 lib/binaries
– Removed GoogleGallery aka Photosphere –> confusion. See add-ons above
– Debloated as much as possible, Approx 66MB
– Been running stable on Vanir + Commotio > 1 week

B5 – 4/22/13
– Updated Gmail, Dashboard Widgets, Titanium, Apex, Search, Play store, GSMcore, google voice, likely more
– Added Flash 11.1, Amazon Appstore
– Added Gapp backuptool (credit Gapps)
– Updated lib/binaries of above apps
– Been running stable on Vanir + Commotio > 1 week

B6 – 7/8/13
– Updated pretty much everything,.. apps, libs
– Backuptool for addons

B7 – 7/12/13
– Made more GS4 friendly
— Should be compatible with 99.9999% of ROMs, but does require a ROM with busybox to mount,
—- If your dev forgot busybox, please give him a swift kick :p
– Clean up

B8 – 8/1/13
– 4.3 release
– Updated all apps and libs
— Used official sources/leaks + Goo’s 4.3 Gapps
— Used Apps from Market to update the above sources
– Rebased with changes from B1-B7
— Removed all libs without apparent functions
— Removed all APKs that should be included in base ROMs, such as OnTimeInitializer
– NEW: Removed all additional languages form Gapps. Why should language support be here?
– This release seems to be working okay, but with any MAJOR overhaul, bugs can occur. Please post and we will squash them!

B9 – 9/15/13
– 4.3 r2_2
– Nearly apps from B8 updates.  No apk additions or removals
– All apps current with Play
– Removed several duplicated files.  Removed useless libs

B10 – 12/1/13
– Final JB4.3 build, many updates from B9

B11 – 12/15/13
– 4.4.2 r1
– Complete overhaul for kitkat 4.4
– All apps derived from play store or my N5 when possible
– Attempted to keep this clean, only add terminal and Titanium

B12 – 1/2/14
– 4.4.2 r1
– Further reduction of apps found in market
– Added offline voice English support
– Updates of apps + libs

B13 – 3/4/14
– 4.4.2 r1
– Added Nuke’s AnyGapps package
– Further reduction of apps found in market (Google Now + Google Voice)
– Updated offline voice English support to 3/4/14
– Cleaned up libs living in data to avoid conflicts
– Updated GMScore, Gmail, Titanium, Amazon, News+Weather app, and more

B14 – 7/20/14
– 4.4.4 r1
– Just an interval release, updates everywhere

Current 7/20/14
– 4.4.4 r2
– Constantly updating

Testing/Current Gapps
– Many of people have noted that my next release is often on the server a couple weeks early,…  I do this so people can benefit from updates before I acrew enough changes to justify an update.
– This testing file, will be updated in real time as I make changes, but will not have a log
– From now on, this file will always be labelled:

If people use it, I will keep it up-to-date. So say thanks if you find it useful.

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