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Offical flag of the Krewe of PiratesThe Krewe Pirates was established in 2002.  We are New Orleans original and longest running pirate Krewe.

Every Mardi Gras we march through the french quarter pillaging with our frigates and bead cannons.  We invite all passerby to partake in the festivities.  Anyone may join the Krewe of Pirates as mate.

Not in New Orleans?  No Problem.
KOP West – San Diego
KOP Great Lakes – Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago
KOP Down Under – Sydney Australia.
KOP Great North – Hamilton, ON
KOP Nashville – Nashville, TN

Retired Krewes –  British Columbia

The Krewe of Pirates is world renown for their exploits and has been  Travel Channel’s Extreme: Conventions during our participation in the first PyrateCon. 

 Legendary Marches

Cock on Balls

1) Original Five
2) Salty Seven
3) Now there are 15 (Start of champagne brunch)
4) Never Named
5) Innominate Cantavit
6) Bead Cannons Ahhoy!
7) What Would You Do With A Drunken Sailor?
8 ) 20,000 Leagues Under The Table
The Battle of Jackson Square was fought
9) Lafitte Don’t Fail Me Now
10)  2/21/12 – At World’s End
11) 2/12/13 – Stupid Mayans
12) 3/4/14 – The Good, The Bad and the Scurvy
13) 2/17/15 – The Whole Nine Yarrghs!
14) 2/9/16 – Let’s Get Kraken!!!
15) 2/28/17 – Everyone Gets Belayed
16) 2/13/18 – Nunquam Nominatur
17) 3/5/19 – Marque This Point