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Want to become a Pirate?                          

The Krewe of Pirates


Join us for the march! Pick a level:

Buccaneers that pony-up:

$20 dues will get ye doubloons, cups, generic beads, and right to man
the bead cannons.

$30 dues will get ye a limited edition KOP bag with better beads, beads piratical and some KOP swag

$40 dues will get ye a KOP bag chock full of great beads, KOP swag, some unique items and champagne breakfast

For the Ambitious Mates:

$50 dues will get ye more swag, an invite to our pirate ball, breakfast, two bags of throws and other special items.

And for the Truly Despicable among us, offer $100 dues and receive all the above plus all sorts of great stuff!

Any Lowly Dog who offers greater booty will receive the undying gratitude of KOP members everywhere!



Not in New Orleans:

If you pay your dues, a Thank You Bag o’ KOP Swag will magically appear at your doorstep.

We have a newly established chapter in Hamilton, ON and British Columbia(tentative).  And annual festivities iAustralia, Chicago, Detroit, and San Diego.


Want to know more?

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We still have a Myspace and Yahoo Group!?!


If joining a krewe be not your thing, yet you support the cause Piratical, any and all help will be put to nefarious use here!

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