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The Krewe of Pirates would like to thank a few of our valued friends and fellow Krewes:


Love our mugs?  Well this is where get them.

Captain Ol’ Chumbucket

In 2013, we welcomed Captain Ol’ Chumbucket to the Krewe!  Ol’ Chumbucket is the founder of Talk Like a Pirate Day, author of 3 books, and one of the most infamous scallywags on the Seven Seas.



 Ol' Chumbucket
Chapeux Pyrate

A local master leather craftsman and official craftsman of the Krewe.  Chapeaux not only marches with the Krewe, but also supplies our tricorns, grieves, boots and minted our Challenge Coins

Checkout out his site!


Whiskey Bay Rovers 

Joining the Krewe in 2013, The Rovers gave us a beat to march to and regale us with variety of pirate songs, sea shanties, and pub songs.

The Whiskey Bay Rovers perform a variety of pirate songs, sea shanties, pub songs and Irish ballads using traditional instrumentation and simple vocal arra.


Krewe of Wenches 

Every pirate needs a good Wench! The Wenches have been a welcome addition to the Krewe!



 The Krewe of Wenches
Krewe of Chewbacchus

Another excellent group of mates!

THE Wookiee (AKA Bigfoot in Space) + Roman god of Wine & Revelry = Chewbacchus!
A Nickel Site

Long time manufacture doubloons and other excellent swag!



Old New Orleans Rum

Rum for your life, and the only Rum that can satisfy the thirsty of a pirate!


Pirate’s Alley Cafe

An essential port of call for any Pirate.  See you there on Mardi Gras

Wandering Gypsy Theatre

Special guest of the upcoming march!

Stadium Cups

Love our mugs?  Well this is where get them.


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  1. kendra Morris says:


    I’m looking for some (or one) pirate for a kids tv pilot next week in the quarter. Is anyone available?


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