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Ranks of Pirates


Mate:  Anyone who wishes to march.
Lieutenant:  Any member who has paid their annual dues. Membership allows them access to doubloons, beads, and the bead cannons!
Gunner:  A Lieutenant who has proven excellence with the bead cannons.
CaptainAll captains are entitles to special privileges.
Pirate Admirals:  Any captain who somehow manages to coordinate events, organize captains, and ensure the yearly march (basically perform miracles!)
Pirate King:  Elected annually (often with only 2 votes for their name! Arrhh)


Bios of Captains Past & Present: (Work in Progress)

2011 – Carl Klink
2012 – Derek Ohlstein
2013 – Brian Haigh


Charles Duffy
Jonathan Weiss
Paiyarut Kanjanavaikoon
Jeff Wise – Commander of KOP West


Captains New Orleans
Goldie Erickson
Tracy Conway


Captains – Krewe of Pirates West
Kenneth McDonald – San Diego


Captains – Krewe of Pirates Great Lakes
Maria Mohr – Minneapolis
Melaine Rapp – Detroit
Seika Groves  – Hamilton, Ontario


Captains – Krewe of Pirates Down Under
Milly Molly Mandy – Sydney, Australia


Captains – Krewe of Pirates Florida
Craig Bachler

Captains – Krewe of Pirates Nashville
Andrew Thornhill